CC Custom Designs


Leather Patches


Just like our name. If you have a project hat, shirt or beanie you would like made contact us today! Our designer will see what they can do to make your vision come true. 


CC Custom Designs was created in 2017. He has always had a huge passion for wearing hats since he was born. It didn’t matter what hat it was while he was growing up but now he has come accustom to the importance of a quality hat! Chris grew up on the Central Coast of California where his dad took him on every hunting and fishing trip. When a person goes on trips like these the great outdoors tend to become a way of life. Hunting has always been a passion of Chris’s as he would always be wearing camo or have a good story to tell about a trip, etc. With having the passion for the outdoors Chris decided it was time to design his own style of hats. It is our number one goal to produce a nice quality hunting themed hat but at the same time we invite anyone interested in putting their own logo on our style patch and hats or we have a design team that can design you one from scratch. Thank you for inquiring about our unique, clean and flashy hats!